2018 State Leadership & Skills Conference Information

Welcome to the 2018 State Leadership and Skills Conference!

Key Dates 

February 3 to March 2, 2018: National Web-site for State Championships Registration is open.
March 2, 2018:             DEADLINE for state conference registration forms.
March 2, 2018:           DEADLINE for all applications for awards, scholarships and state officer candidates.
March 2, 2018:           DEADLINE for conference hotel reservations at the Circus Circus Reno Hotel.
March 26, 2018:    No Registration Changes after this date.


Official registration must be done through the National Registration Website.
The national registration site for State Championships is open February 3, 2018-March 2, 2018. Official registration website will close at 11:00 PM on March 2, 2018. All competitors must be registered before this time or they will be ineligible for participation at State and Nationals.

Addition information regarding registration is included below.

The State Leadership and Skills Conference and SkillsUSA Championships are all about providing our students with the best event the Nevada Association of SkillsUSA has to offer. Your utmost support is needed to meet all submission deadlines.  Submitting your registration packets by the earliest possible date will greatly assist us in working with the contest technical committees.  I appreciate your involvement and I know that we can work together to have a great conference.

State Conference Registration Forms

This website contains all registration information. See the included instructions to complete the registration on-line. The Medical Liability and Release Form along with certain contest safety forms are provided. Once they are filled out, Scan all forms and email to Marni Mast at marni.skillsusa@gmail.com.  The state conference registration fees are $100.00 per person (for advisors, contestants, delegates, candidates that are staying at the Conference Hotel), $125.00 per person (for advisors, contestants, delegates, candidates that are not staying at the Conference Hotel), and $50.00 per student observer.  The fee includes all registration materials and a pass to attend the conference social.

Late Registration: A $50.00 per person late fee will be charged to any registration received after the March 3rd due date.  For any registration received late, an automatic response will be sent requiring the additional fee(s) be paid prior to when the student(s) are registered.  Also, there is no guarantee students will be able to compete if registration is received late.  Name substitutions may be made at no cost and at any time before March 26th.  There will be no registration changes after March 26th.


Return all registration forms before March 2 to:
Marni Mast, marni.skillsusa@gmail.com   

Mail all checks/payment before March 2 to:
Nevada Association of SkillsUSA
PO Box 3613
Sparks, NV 89432
NOTE: Please includes Registration Summary Form “B” with payment.

Paper copies of completed and signed liability/code of conduct forms must be scanned and emailed; regardless of the method you use to register students.

Please bring original copies of all forms (“B” to “G”) with you to the State Championships as a back-up in the event there is a question regarding any forms.

Hotel & Lodging

SkillsUSA has contracted with Circus Circus Reno for lodging. Included in this mailing is additional information regarding room reservations. If you have questions, please contact the representative at the hotel.

Required Advisor Meeting

A meeting is scheduled for advisors on Tuesday, April 10th from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. at Circus Circus Reno. At least one advisor from each chapter must attend this orientation meeting where all registration materials will be distributed.  Please make arrangements to attend this meeting.

Conference Information and Contest Updates

The 2018 State Contest information has been sent to all lead advisors and is posted on the Association website.  Please note that Job Skill Demonstration is a leadership contest.  Therefore, students may compete in Job Skill Demonstration (April 11th) and a skill contest (April 12th).  Also, contest updates will be posted as they are received by the State Office. Please click here for contest updates. Please check the website on a regular basis.

Computers: Contestants in the following contests will have to bring their own computers to compete:

  • Advertising Design,
  • Architectural Drafting,
  • Technical Drafting,
  • 3-D Animation,
  • Photography,
  • Video Production,
  • Web Design.

Plotters and printers will be provided for each contest, if needed.

The tentative set-up times for all computers is 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. on April 11th at The Reno Ballroom Convention Center.  Additional details will be provided in the forthcoming contest updates.  Please note that in most cases, students do not have to be present to set up computers if they have a conflict with a scheduled leadership contest.

Conference Dress Code

Please inform all students and advisors that official SkillsUSA dress, business attire, or official contest dress as specified in the national rules is required for all general sessions. SkillsUSA official attire or business dress is required for leadership contests and “clean” skill contests, and any other activity where professional dress is appropriate.  Student dress and conduct, which often go hand-in-hand, make a very significant impression on behalf of SkillsUSA to the school officials and business leaders attending and supporting our State Conference. Students not appropriately dressed may not be able to participate in events or walk across stage to receive medals. Thank you for your support in this important workplace-related policy.

State Officer Candidates

Please encourage your qualified students to apply for state office this year. An orientation meeting will be scheduled for all officer candidates for 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. on April 11thThe room number will be on the final conference agenda.  All officer candidates must attend this orientation meeting.

Campaigning may begin after the orientation meeting on April 11th.  The total cost for campaign materials for officer candidates cannot exceed $70.00.  This includes items that are donated, purchased, or borrowed using fair market value.

Candidates must be prepared to participate in an interview by a screening committee on April 11th, prior to the start of the delegate session.  Candidates will also make campaign speeches before the delegate assembly and participate in a meet-the-candidate session prior to balloting.

Delegate Program & Written Tests

The program for delegates will include an afternoon session on April 11th and ballots will be submitted at the end of the day. The program of activities for the delegate sessions will be distributed before the delegate session begins. Because of their schedule, state officer candidates and voting delegates will not be able to compete in leadership contests scheduled for April 11th.  Delegates will be able to compete in skill contests on April 12th. Please begin to identify those students who will serve as your voting delegates.

All contestants will take the Professional Development Test (knowledge test), which will be administered On-Line.  The test will be multiple-choice and will include questions from the Professional Development Program and about SkillsUSA knowledge.

Skill competitors will be required to take a written technical test for their respective contests. The technical portion of each test will comprise part of the student’s contest score.

Communication Skills Assessments  

As started several years back, a greater emphasis is placed on the communication skills of our skill competitors.  The goal is for each contest, be it a leadership or skill contest, to test by some degree the ability of the student to communicate verbally (i.e., mock interview, customer service response) where contestants must demonstrate verbal communication skills.  More information will be provided in the contest updates.


All student participants must bring a one-page typed resume. It is acceptable for students to provide real-life information including their name on resumes. It is not required for students to use a code or non-specific identifier.

Social Event

The conference social will take place this year on Thursday, April 11th.  The cost for this event is included in the registration fees.  More information will be shared at the pre-conference advisor meeting.

Association Website

“ALL” Regional Contests and State Championships information is posted on our website. The association website will be used to post conference information on a regular basis.  Please inform other advisors to periodically check the website for agendas, contest locations, contest updates, etc.  The website address is www.nvskillsusa.org.

Additional conference information will be forthcoming. Please contact the State Director if you have any questions about information in the registration packet.  Please make sure all required forms and payments are submitted by the March 2nd due date.  Thank you.


Note:  Please ensure the Official Registration is submitted on-line and Registration Summary Form B and all other forms (Forms C to G) are submitted to Marni Mast by the due date.  If you expect a delay due to the processing of checks, please do not delay in submitting all forms.  Merely state in the registration transmission the payment will be sent soon.

  • Registration Instructions Download
  • Registration Summary Download
  • Medical Release & Code of Conduct Download
  • Safety Verification Forms Download
  • Special Needs Request Form Download
  • 2018 Contest Limits (Updated 2/1/2018) Download
  • Circus Circus Hotel Information and Instructions Download
  • Circus Circus Hotel Room Reservation Worksheet (Excel Spreadsheet) Download
  • TENTATIVE Conference Agenda (See website calendar for updated schedules) Download
  • Award Applications Letter Download
  • Business Industry Service Download
  • Community Service Download
  • Advisor of the Year Download
  • Memorial Scholarship Download
  • Lifetime Achievement Download
  • State Officer Application Download
  • State Officer Contract Download