SkillsUSA Week Information

Don’t forget SkillsUSA Week that will be coming up February 5th – 9th.  You can participate in SkillsUSA Week lots of different ways: hold an open house, invite local media to tour your programs, conduct a community service project, work with area businesses to build more meaningful partnerships, or engage with policymakers to talk about the value of technical education. For a complete calendar of events and resources including a sample proclamation, go

We encourage you to plan activities to follow the daily schedule of events that will be celebrated in chapters nationwide:

  • Monday, Feb. 5, is Appreciation Day. Plan an event that will celebrate and honor the support of advisors, teachers and administrators.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 6, is Advocacy Day. Target state and local public relations activities including presentations to legislators, school board members, administrators and community group leaders.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 7, is Member Outreach Day. Involve members in the recruitment of middle and elementary school students, and plan appreciation activities that honor current members.
  • Thursday, Feb. 8, is SkillsUSA Serves Day. Rally around your community by focusing on a day of giving through service projects and fundraisers.
  • Friday, Feb. 9, is SkillsUSA Day. Celebrate SkillsUSA by wearing your favorite SkillsUSA shirt, planning a celebration and posting the event to social media.

The SkillsUSA Store has created a SkillsUSA Week T-shirt for $12. Visit to order your shirt and a whole host of products that are ready for your week of celebration. SkillsUSA Week is presented by Carhartt.